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ABEMA is a video app that allows you to watch TV shows, anime, movies and dramas for free.
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[What is the original TV / drama / animation & video distribution service ABEMA]
“ABEMA” is a video distribution business that aims to innovate TV and develop as a “new future TV”. No registration is required, and we broadcast about 20 channels of various genres such as original dramas, love programs, anime, and sports, including the only 24-hour news channel in Japan, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
In addition, the number of original episodes is the No. 1 (* 1) in Japan for video services originating in Japan, and the total number of episodes is constantly delivered over 30,000. In addition, a rich lineup of new movies, popular dramas from Japan and overseas, popular anime, and online live performances of various music and theatrical performances are also available. You can enjoy your work anytime on TV, on-demand, etc., and you can watch programs on your smartphone, PC, tablet, or TV device according to your lifestyle, regardless of location.
Furthermore, if you register for ABEMA Premium, which costs 960 yen per month, you can enjoy “ABEMA” even more, such as viewing limited content and using the “video download function” and “missed comment function”.
(* 1) As of January 2022, in-house research

[AbemaTV, a video distribution service that allows you to watch anime, dramas, and movies recommended for people like this]
・ I don’t have time to watch TV, anime, and movies at home
・ I want to watch TV, animation, and movies in my free time
・ I want to watch original TV programs and dramas that are not available on terrestrial broadcasting.
・ I want to watch TV programs, animations, and dramas of various genres.
・ I don’t have a TV at home, so I want to watch TV, anime, dramas, etc. with a video distribution app.
・ I want to watch popular past anime works and TV programs at once
・ I want to watch many anime works for free
・ I often watch anime, dramas, and TV programs on the app.
・ I have more time at home, so I want to watch anime, dramas, and TV at home.
・ I want to anticipate popular TV programs, dramas, popular animations, and movies.
・ I want to watch nostalgic movies, dramas, and anime distributions.
・ I want to watch TV, animation, movies, etc. during commuting time
・ I’m looking for a distribution app that allows me to watch anime, dramas, movies, etc. on my smartphone or tablet.
・ I want to list the anime I’m interested in and watch the anime on holidays.
・ I can’t usually watch TV, so I want to watch anime and dramas with an app that has a lot of overlooked distribution.
・ I want to watch anime and variety shows that are not broadcast on TV with the app.
・ I want to search for popular anime works from the ranking
・ I want to enjoy past anime that I couldn’t watch on TV at that time.

[You can watch popular anime on a big screen by connecting to a TV]
When you connect to your Apple TV, you can watch ABEMA on the big screen of your TV.
Please enjoy it on various devices according to your lifestyle.

[Super easy without membership registration! ]
Anyone can watch the channel they are interested in immediately without registering as a member.

[If you connect Wi-Fi, the image quality is beautiful and fast]
In a Wi-Fi environment, the video loading time is short, and you can watch programs smoothly and switch channels.
* We recommend using in a Wi-Fi environment, but the image quality and communication speed may differ depending on the communication environment.

[Many ABEMA original TV programs]
We produce and broadcast TV programs that can only be seen on ABEMA, such as “Inagaki, Kusanagi, and Katori broadcast live for 7.2 hours.”
In addition, ABEMA News broadcasts the only 24-hour news in Japan, including emergency breaking news, and original news programs.

[How to use ABEMA]
■ Notification setting (reservation)
If you check the program you want to watch from the TV program list, you will receive a push notification just before the program starts.
You can check the programs registered in the notification list from [Menu]> [My List]> [Notification List].

■ My video
You can add your favorite original TV programs and anime works to My Video from the program details page.
If you add it to My Video, you can miss it and watch it after the broadcast ends.
You can check My Video from [Menu]> [My List]> [My Video].

■ Posting and viewing comments
You can post and view comments by tapping the icon at the bottom right of the viewing screen.
Comments can also be posted in conjunction with Twitter.

■ Share function
You can easily share to Twitter, Facebook, LINE, Instagram from the program details page.
Tell your friends about your favorite shows!

[ABEMA Official Guide]
For other detailed usage and questions, please see the page below.

For bug reports and other inquiries, please contact us at the following address.

Privacy policy: https://abema.tv/about/privacy-policy
Terms of Use: https://abema.tv/about/terms

・ No. 9016941001 Y45038
・ No. 9016941005 Y45038
・ No. 9016941006Y31016

・ ID000000424
・ ID000000425
・ ID000005370

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