Make awesome, relaxing & curious drawings with all sorts of effects/brushes!
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CraZe ~ crazeapp

CraZe will push your imagination to its limits! Make nice, colorful, complex and relaxing drawings with it. Set your creativity loose to create unique pieces of art, by altering the parameters used to draw.

Share your creations using #CraZeApp so that everyone can find them!

There’s plenty of users around the world who use it, while waiting on a line, or relaxing at home, on a bus, on an airplane, children at school, people with their grandparents, there’s no limits to age or place to enjoy drawing.

You start painting with your fingers, and it may seem simple at first, but when you start mixing effects, symmetry, rotations, color palettes, and brushes, is when the most awesome drawings start coming to life! The best drawings come out from not having a idea in mind, but just playful tinkering with all the available settings!

Enter an awesome world of symmetry, along mirrored axis’ and rotations, a colorful experience, and a artistic representation of geometrical shapes altered by multiple effects, brushes, parameters, with your imagination leading it. It’s like a kaleidoscope of maths and linear algebra made into a painting. People have used it for relaxation, for having a spiritual time, for brainstorming creative ideas, or just for fun and entertainment. It works perfectly with touch, or with stylus. Some call it mandalas, some call it sacred geometry, but its all part of the same, how everything seems to be chaotic and yet also ordered, the geometric nature of the universe.

What's new

* Spanish and German language support!
* Option for transparent background
* Improved image quality (PNG format).
* 4 new color palettes, bringing the total number to 42 palettes:
+ India, Daydream, Cosmos, Hyperspace.
* 2 new brushes, bringing the total number of brushes to 32:
+ Comet, FourSides
* Arrow keys for faster palette switching
* Improved random function
* Color blending modes added back

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